Choosing the RIGHT Rug for Your Room

I know I haven’t blogged for a long time. I’ve been a bad blogger, but I have been a good student, home renovator and mother! Over the past couple of months I had my upstairs bathroom completely made-over and have a new walk-in closet in my master bedroom.  I also completed a design course I’ve been working on (Yay!).

Today, while ordering some beautiful new rugs at work, I had a conversation with a colleague on the importance of having the right sized area rug in a room. So many people choose the wrong sized rug, often being too small, for their rooms. So with that said, why not break my blogging fast and offer some insight into choosing the right rug?!

Wall-to-wall carpeting has become something of the past for a lot of people. Hard surface floors such as hardwood and tile are easy to keep clean and provide relief from pesky allergens from carpet.  A rug offers cushion, comfort and warmth to a room, while being a great opportunity for artistic expression.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the right rug. . .

The right SIZE:  Most people understand that an area rug is meant to be a focal point, but not as many people realize that the furniture should sit on the rug, not surround it (it’s not meant to be an island floating in the room!). Ensure the rug is large enough to serve the space adequately.

To Small                                         Correct Sizing

 The right SHAPE: Consider the shape of your furniture; a round rug fits nicely beneath a round dining table, where a large rectangular rug anchors rectangular furniture such as a couch and love seat or a bed.

The right STYLE: Obviously choosing a traditional rug for a traditional room makes sense much as a modern rug is more suited to a contemporary space. But, consider the purpose of your room- what you will be doing there, the traffic patterns, and potential wear and tear from the family.  If you have young children and pets consider a more economical choice such as a synthetic fibre that is stain resistant. Easy to clean and doesn’t hurt as much to replace!

I’ll be blogging again soon sharing what’s new around the farmhouse J


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