DIY Feather Boa Christmas Tree

I made a couple of Christmas trees using boas and bristol board this year and was pretty happy with how they turned out. Cheap and easy, they're great to make to use as decorations on tables, in bedrooms or bathrooms. Boas come in a lot of different colours, so it's an opportunity to have some fun! The one above is in my daughter's room (she's a pink-loving, three year old diva!)

Here's how to do it:

I went to the Dollarama to purchase my boas and bristol board. The other supplies, scissors, glue, elastics, hot glue gun, and a stapler, I already had on hand. It cost me about $3.00.

Using one corner of the bristol board, begin rolling the bristol board into a cone shape. Depending on how loosely or tightly you roll the cone will contribute to the shape of your tree. It takes me a few tries usually to get the size I want.
Once you are satisfied with the shape of your cone, use one hand to hole the cone's shape and the other to apply the elastics.
Once the elastics are on, apply glue along the seam and allow to dry.

Using your hot glue gun, apply a dab of hot glue to the top of the cone and quickly stick one end of the boa to the glue. Begin to wrap the boa around the cone (not loosely, but not super tight either) spiraling downwards. Once you reach the other end of the boa, secure it with a dap of hot glue.

Repeat the above step from the end of the last boa until you reach the desired size of your tree. Once you are done attaching the boas, cut off the excess bristol board.
And there you have it, a feather boa tree!


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