Considering Regional Décor Trends

The Importance of Considering Regional Décor Trends in Home Staging

Flip through any décor mag and you’ll find that hottest new trends in home fashions. Whether it be the classic white kitchen, gray neutrals, coral accents, eclectic blends, or back to brass... But hold off on going all out with these hot new trends in your house if you are considering selling. The reason? Design trends take time to evolve and to move into different regions.  It is vital to have your home staged to the current decor tastes of your potential buyers.. Be mindful of regional trends!

Holding Steady- Current Local Trends in PEI:

Brushed Nickel finishes, painted kitchens, dark stained cabinetry, warm greys, dark hardwood, clean lines.

If you are planning on putting your home on the market, it is important to appeal to your local buyer. The best way to keep up on what is hot locally is to consult with a professional Home Stager in your region.


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