‘Tis the season to sell your house

It’s almost February and for those who are planning on selling their home in the spring market it’s crunch time. Time to clean those baseboards, paint that deep orange wall, and update that hardware!

In today’s market selling your home is so much more than hiring a realtor and sticking a sign on your front lawn. Home buyers have access to hundreds of homes in your area via the internet and in order to be aggressive in this market it is vital that you turn your house from a home into an appealing product that today’s buyer will want to buy.

This may sound expensive, but with the right advice you can create a high demand home for very little money. This is where a home stager can help you. Highlight the best features of your home, downplay its weaknesses, and get the most bang for your buck.

Common Home Seller Woes

Dated Kitchen: Just because your kitchen is dated doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new one. Refinishing the cupboards, adding new hardware and upgrading the counters can make a kitchen look brand new for a fraction of the cost.

No Room for Storage:  First things first, does your room lack storage or do you just have too much stuff? Take advantage of this time to get rid of all that stuff. Chances are if it’s in a box hidden in the back of the closet, you don’t need it. If your home really does have a storage problem, that is a definite issue that needs to be addressed before putting your home on the market. Closet organizers, additional furniture pieces and creative storage solutions may be needed.

Dirt: Keeping your home in “selling condition” is hard. I know, I’ve done it… with pets and kids. But it is vital that your home is kept clean and tidy and free of unpleasant odours. As a home stager I have creative solutions to make your life easier during this time. Remember, it’s only temporary, and the reward makes it all worthwhile!

Rooms with no Purpose: When you live in a home for a while it is bound to become a personal space reflecting the functions of your family. Although this works great for you, it may not for potential buyers. Walk through each room of your home and ask yourself “Is the way this room is set up, reflect the purpose of the room”? “Will potential buyers know what the purpose of this space is for”?

Too Much Colour: Colour is great. It adds character, depth and interest to rooms. The problem is, colour speaks to us. Not everyone loves a dining room painted in a deep red. When preparing your home for sale you have to step back and consider the majority of the population, not just lovers of red. Neutral colours are your friend when painting your home for sale. Neutral colours are adaptable to potential buyers tastes, furniture and lifestyle.  Add colour and interest through accessories when selling, not paint.

Lastly, take time in choosing a realtor; you don’t want just anyone selling your home.  Check out their sites and look closely at their listings. Read the descriptions and ask yourself if that is how you would want your home described. And look at the pictures!! Just yesterday I saw a listing with dirty dishes in the sink and a box of Corn Pops on the counter, and that’s all I remember about that home. If a realtor is posting pictures of their listings with toilet seats up, dishes in the sink, and dirty laundry on the floor, stay away! Find someone who takes pride in selling your home.



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