Antiquing Skates

There are two things on my Christmas Decor Wish List this year: antique skates and wooden skis.  While I am still trying to track down the perfect pair of skies, I was able to satisfy my longing for antique skates with a pair of white leather figure skates I bought at Value Village for $5.00!

I couldn't find any turtorials or information online on how to antique skates, so I decided to experiment with aging the skates on my own. Here's what I did:

Using a medium grain sanding block, I scuffed up the skates very lightly. 

I purchased "Sun Bleached" Varathane Wood Stain at Home Depot.

 I applied the stain to the entire skate (leather, heel, blades, etc.) and wiped off the excess. I did about three coats (apply, wipe, dry) before I was satisfied with the colour.


Using tea, I dyed the laces to give them an aged look.

I knitted two 'cuffs' for the skates to make them look more cosy, and added some holly for that festive touch.  Here's how they turned out!



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