Plates on the Wall

For any of you who follow Pinterest or any home interior magazines, you'veprobably noticed the latest home decor trends are infused with hints of countryand eclectic styles. I couldn't be happier with this turn from clean modernlooks as I decorate my traditional country farmhouse! An affordable way tobring this trend into your home is to hang a cluster of plates. The beauty withthis decor trend is you can create your own custom look that you won't findanywhere else, based on the colour, shape size and the pattern you hang theplates. From dollar store plates to antique dishes, there are no rules;anything goes.

I couple months back I ordered the famous Disc Hangers online and have been eager to put them to use.A Disc Hanger is a round yellow disc with a metal hanger that adheres to theback of the plate. The adhesion won't wear over time, but can be removed byrunning under warm water. They're simple to use and are invisible, so the platecan hang cleanly on the wall.

Today I finally hung my plates on the wall and am very pleased with the results. What a great way to add colour and interest to your walls for little $$!

Here's the final result.

I used a mix of old and older, with a British made "Pinky" Lawrence plate in the center and four antique plates that belonged to my great-great-aunt.

Love it!


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